Look at the gentleman!

Lord Jason Allan Scott, the eventrepreneur

It is no wonder that today Jason Scott is one of the most important people in British and world event industry. He was voted number 1 Mover and Shaker by Eventbrite, Number 1 on Double Dutch 250 people in Events and top 10% of social media in events in the world. He has stepped on the gas several years ago, managing to wipe off the Russell Brand smelly traces from the 1, Leicester Square and re-shaping the Infamous realm of kitsch and dubious jokes into the one of the best event venues in London. Since then, Jason went from one sound victory to another promoting even more venues and events. His name is associated with the successes of the Bloomsbury Ballroom and the London Cabaret Club, activities of the ILEA UK and the Event Foundation UK. Today Jason Scott is also leading his own companies — the beauty-oriented Noninvasives International Limited, and Hollywood Inc Ltd concentrated on marketing. His online Guestlist Podcast, called as the great inspiration for entrepreneurs-solopreneurs-wannapreneurs, is gathering tens of thousands listeners and every event-industry conference is happy to get him as a speaker. Three books he has written, “The Eventrepreneur” being the most notable, have got the bestseller status. His image might look provocative for some, still it works and works the best. “I prefer the word ‘influence’ to ‘celebrity’”, — Jason says, and it is hard not to feel that he is damn right. Enters the eventrepreneur.

Quick-fire Questions

Name and title

Lord Jason Allan Scott, the eventrepreneur

What facts of your biography have changed your life?

I grew up in a very tough part of South Africa during the apartheid, in fact, when I was a child I was shot. So I’ve always been used to challenging environments, and using my words wisely as a way of getting out of trouble.

What is your most vivid memory?

When I was 6 years old, I was kidnapped. As I returned home to my family, I remember seeing them on the other side of the glass as I arrived in the airport. I can remember every single expression on their faces like it was yesterday.

If you had to choose a profession again, what would it be?

(Pause) I think I would go into medicine and be a psychiatrist.

What is something you could never give up?

My wife.

What do you want most?


What do you fear most?


What makes you happy?

Spending time with people I care about.

Which traits would you like your children to inherit from you?

Never-give-up attitude. Always making a plan from absolutely anything.

Who is your all-time hero?

Felix Denis, the creator of Maxim magazine and one of the wealthiest men to come out of Britain.

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