Wella TrendVision 2015

This year, the live experience was designed to continually transform around the audience, bringing them closer to Wella’s creative work than ever before...

AGENCY: Jack Morton Worldwide

CUSTOMER: Wella, Procter & Gamble


DATE: 22nd November 2015



The first idea was to deliver a spectacular collection of catwalk shows, to showcase Wella’s work in the best possible light, to share behind-the-scenes content with the audience, throughout the day for live and online viewers. Together, these two elements gave the audience an added insight into the trends and competition that had never been seen before.

AUDIENCE:  Live and online global audience of hair stylists and media

LOCATION:  ‘The Station’, Berlin



The live experience was designed to continually transform around the audience, bringing them closer to Wella’s creative work than ever before. The 2016 trends were revealed in a dramatic live show, brought to life through dynamic staging and cutting-edge projection.

The audience was brought closer to Wella’s creative work through a digital on-demand experience on Wella.com/live - ‘Wella TV’. Live streaming and pre-recorded content gave exclusive backstage access to Wella’s top stylists and valuable insights into the creative process, showing the craft and inspiration behind the looks.  All content, from short-form documentaries to full stage projection mapping, was created entirely in-house by Jack Morton.

This year was about opening Wella up: sharing our creative secrets with our colleagues to inspire and elevate the industry. By partnering with Jack Morton, we were able to create a truly inspirational experience for everyone, in Berlin and beyond

Reiner Sauter, Wella Creative Director


Size of troupe: 40 models walking for three different catwalk events (excludes competition models and competitors 

Length of time: Wella TrendVision  took place all day, 22nd November, with competitor, top artist and media events taking place on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November at other Berlin venues.

Total agency, supplier and client staff: 509



  • 900 Customers
  • 120 Media
  • 45 Wella and agency partners
  • 13 Judges and top artists
  • 2 Group creative directors
  • 11 previous competition winners



  • Total number of views, live and On Demand via Youtube and Wella TV: 38,954
  • 17,927 streamed the event, live, on Youtube and Live Stream.
  • 21,027 viewed On Demand behind the scenes films during 22/11 – 29/11
  • 25,000 voted in the ITVA People’s Choice


Wella social media results on 22nd November alone: 

  • Instagram: 13,900 interactions
  • Facebook: 1,400 interactions
  • Twitter: 317 interactions


How to make 90,000 people become real fans of your brand in 4 days?!  

The largest and the most popular area at the exhibition for gamers

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The Innovation Expo accelerates innovation, thus encouraging economic growth and quality of life in The Netherlands.

The power of special communications

Lars Uwe Bleher