S7 Life Changer Park

An experiential park mixing reality and virtual reality to allow the public to live new and thrilling experiences...



DATE: 16-19 JUNE 2016

LOCATION: Bibliothèque Nationale de France esplanade (French national library), Paris


Promote the new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and its ecosystem : the Galaxy S7, the Gear 360 camera with a focus on the Gear VR (Samsung virtual reality headset)

Launch the digital platform www.S7lifechanger.com

Generate massive media coverage and conversation in social media


Samsung's S7 Life Changer Park is the world's first ever amusement park dedicated to virtual reality.

An experiential park mixing reality and virtual reality to allow the public to live new and thrilling experiences. An immersive and fun experience around entertainment and “millennials” passion points which multiplies emotions and thrills in order to show all the possibiliies of the S7 ecosystem.

The Big 7, with its 16 dynamic seats, concentrated the gaze of enthusiastic participants, who were fooled by the "real" effect of the rollercoaster "as if  they were there "

The Ski Jump attraction (virtual ski jumping) was set up on 4 modules of dynamic skis, just like the Surf Ride attraction where they could ride Teahupoo, the mythical wave of Tahiti, balancing on a real surfboard (4 modules of dynamic boards). The attractions were centred mainly on discovery: World Tour (a virtual world tour with breathtaking sights) or Dino Safari (a virtual meeting with a dinosaur). In the Avengers Station, they entered the skin of Iron Man and played with fire, in the Zombie Asylum they were locked into an asylum cell infected by zombies.

Music fans were able to mix alongside the famous DJ Agoria for the opening of Ibiza's famous club, Pacha, to the sound of the new track, revealed here exclusively by the artist.


  • Media & bloggers – 250 PEOPLE
  • Samsung dealers – 700 PEOPLE
  • The general public, with a focus on millenials (15-34 y.o.)



  • The creative challenge: it was the first amusement park of this kind ever done in the world. An immersive experiential park, which used dynamic tools (dynamic seats, skis and boards) to plunge visitors into a whole new world.
  • The technological challenge: the physical sensations had to fit perfectly with the film, otherwise people would just feel immediately sick!
  • The technical challenge: the VR headsets and all the technology had to operate for 42,000 visitors for 4 full days, with very changeable weather (heavy rain then high temperatures)
  • The time challenge: 2.5 months to create the scenery for the 9 attractions, which is found all over the world, and produce the VR content (film) and the actual park.


  • 8500 sq.meters
  • 500 tons of material
  • 5 days of setup
  • 150 person crew
  • 20 trades
  • 217 Samsung Gear VR
  • 42 000 visitors
  • 4 days of the event



  • PR coverage:  10 million contacts
  • #S7lifechanger was No.1 trending topic on June 16th
  • Socia media contacts: 10 milion


Website :


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