FRANKFURT, Germany, April 2016

FRANKFURT, Germany — April 2016 — ONSTAGE.PRO - the first global online platform connecting professionals and companies in the entertainment technology industry was launched at Prolight + Sound 2016. Its goal is to facilitate communication and cooperation between industry professionals from different countries, provide them with a tool to exchange knowledge and experience, find reliable partners, and enable them to work together on international projects with ease.

The platform targets multiple adjacent industries — not only event planners and their clients and promoters, but also musicians, recording studios, TV and broadcasting, radio, theaters, venues, basically the entire global entertainment industry and its core technical and creative staff: systems engineers, sound engineers, lighting designers, production designers, set designers, producers, and directors. 

To mark the official launch, Onstage.Pro founders Ms. Katerina Kirillova and Mr. Maxim Martynov  delivered a Keynote at the Prolight + Sound Manufacturer's Forum, outlining the new global platform’s benefits, features, project background and development plans.

The Onstage.Pro launch has received a warm welcome from industry professionals, which is not surprising as it has been designed to meet the previously unaddressed needs of the industry. The network is growing fast with both individual and corporate members joining, as well as world renowned media publishers, universities and professional associations. To have a glimpse at the scale of where Onstage.pro is going, it's enough to have a look at the Events listing which already includes all sorts of educational and industry networking events around the world: training sessions, seminars, conferences, etc. — and this is only the beginning.

So, if you are serious about your business and your career, it’s high time to join. Onstage.Pro is free for all members to use. With its comprehensive global search engine working across all sectors, project portfolios, communication features, news feed notifications, the ability to follow your targeted interests, as well as an extensive global events listing it is quickly becoming the ultimate platform to network, find collaborators, showcase your work, grow your career, exchange ideas and learn from the professional community.


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