Design for life

Scott Clear, Chief Design & Innovation Officer at RKS Design

When we hear something about designers, the first thing coming to mind is the guy drawing cars, creating fonts for the beer labels or simply playing with forms and shapes. Still there is a higher — or deeper — level often hidden from the common customer’s eyes. Scott Clear is one of those belonging to the elite group of designers who actually deal not only with looks of everyday things, but visions of the things to come and their connection with users. Among his clients were Honda, Samsung, Microsoft, Denon and many more — all served with the most up-to-date or, if dare say, up-to-future projects and ideas. Once an architect, Scott through his eye, mind and curiosity became a person who deals with design in its most strategic sense. Nowadays Scott Clear is the Chief Design & Innovation Officer at the RKS Design, based in Los Angeles. This year he has also become the first Product Design Jury President for the seminal CLIO Awards. In the interview for the Live magazine Scott, a real design scientist with hands on materials and eyes on the shape, speaks on traditions and innovations, brands and human comprehension. “I used to be 30 years ahead of the curve,” — he says. Meet the man from the future.

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