The new Smart lands on planet Earth with Merlo SpA

AGENCY: Merlo SpA.

CUSTOMER: Mercedes-Benz Italy - brand Smart

DATE: October 31 to November 7

AUDIENCE: consumers, press, influencers

LOCATION: Rome, Milan, Naples. Smaller events at the main local Smart dealers

BUDGET: about 1,500,000.00 Euros (one million and five hundred thousand Euros).


The goal was to communicate the arrival of the new Smart, which is once again ready to revolutionize the concept of urban mobility through state of the art of technology and strong storytelling.  It’s a project that has been developed through new forms of communication in line with the philosophy and values of Smart, who are always the creators of innovative and unconventional commercial campaigns.

Five events at the same time, six reveals with thousands of spectators and a teaser campaign lasting an entire week has captured the attention of the media and social networks. 
All steps have been joined by impactful and appealing storytelling to announce the landing on Planet Earth of the new generation of Smart for two and for four.

We wanted to engage different targets by telling a believable story from beginning to end and using all channels cohesively with this story.

We have integrated in the storytelling effective, diversified communication tools and platforms: from live communication, video communication, digital channels, PR activity, and the use of innovative technologies.


The goal was to communicate in a very impactful way the launch of new cars through state of the art technology and innovation. The concept of the event is based on innovation and technology.

The agency has identified in this area the element that could represent the icon of the creative concept, as well as being a symbolic element that refers to the perfection of forms, which has always been an iconographic element of science fiction cinema. We wanted to tell a real story that began with the invasion of mysterious spheres that have conquered Rome, Milan and Naples. During the teaser, the 'unidentified objects' appeared in the streets, squares and even on the river of the Eternal City.

Then a viral campaign began, capturing the attention of the web and the media.
The teaser has been supported by an intense campaign of web promotion through the production of viral videos with the aim to create attention and curiosity about the mysterious spheres, building great excitement in social networks.

A carousel of Smart fans kicked off the main event in Rome, which was opened by a 3D videomapping that turned the venue into a real spaceship. Once inside the ship, another 3D map led guests on an intergalactic journey to discover the Smart planet accompanied by the notes of a live symphony orchestra. A Laserman 3D show kicked off the international DJ set by the beautiful international artist Niki Belucci.

The same format was repeated at the Ice Palace in Milan, to the tune of DJ and designer Marcelo Burlon. The event in Naples coincided with the inauguration of the new Smart center, while the dealers of Brescia and Reggio Emilia invited its guests to attend their exclusive premiere dealerships.

Technological innovation


360° 3D videomapping, one of the largest ever seen, as well as a flight of drones which lit up the sky with laser discharge.

A second mapping kicked off the laser 3D light show. The street between the three spheres and the location in Rome was highlighted by hundreds of lights that lit up the Tiber for about 3km.

Mysterious objects were designed as a sphere, the symbol of perfection and superior technology. They were made of optical white thermoformed material, with a diameter of more than 4 meters.  They had a mechanical system connected to the countdown, which made them open up automatically, releasing the cars.


The viral campaign has generated over six hundred thousand views with about three million five hundred thousand video impressions and over seventy thousand visits to the site cityinvasion.it. Eight thousand people attended the opening reveals of the spheres in the three cities involved, while four thousand five hundred guests attended the launch events.

It was a massive production with 82 companies involved in the various phases of the project, under the direction and coordination of the agency.

The criteria for selecting reliable partners with the necessary technical skills specific to various sectors was also a touch of madness in accepting the challenges we proposed to them.

 The project for the launch of the new Smart for two and four received overwhelmingly positive initial reviews and triumphed during the 12th edition of the BEA - Best Event Awards, receiving the first prize in Italy dedicated to the Italian Events Industry. During the awards ceremony, which was held at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, #WhatAreYouFOR triumphed, winning the Best Event Award of 2015 and 5 other  prizes. A complex event, which was characterized by unconventional communication methods, creativity, and thinking outside the box, was able to surprise and create curiosity.



We have worked on a continuous basis for years with the company, but we were awarded this assignment only following a tender that involved several agencies. Our project was awarded for the originality and innovation of the proposed solutions, but the centerpiece of the project was the great confidence that Mercedes-Benz Italy put in the ideas developed by the agency, which is an essential prerequisite for achieving results. It was a unique project, made possible by the great attention that Mercedes-Benz Italy paid to research and testing of new ways and means of communication.


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