The power of special communications

Lars Uwe Bleher

Lars Uwe Bleher, Executive Director of one the leading German Design agencies Atelier Markgraph reviled all the details of the fascinating they developed for Mercedes-Benz at the International Moto Show 2015

Quick-fire questions

The perception of the audience is becoming more sophisticated. What makes an event a pure art?
We have always respected our audience and our endeavor is to come up with Projects, that we would enjoy to experience ourselves. We are striving for authenticity, relevance, and if at all appropriate, optimism and surprise.

How do you catch the new ideas?

We take all projects as an opportunity to start blue sky - questioning the status quo. Changing perspectives and angle of approach.

What creative techniques you use most often?
Intense idealism paired with “TEAMGEIST” – the trust and respect for the knowledge and creativity of our interdisciplinary team. Ultimately the strong conviction that the most effective communication includes the vistors’ experience.

What new forms of spatial communications were used lately?

Ideally, we develop a specific, custom-taylored format for each occasion. We use all possible forms of communication to make people: Understand. Translate. Fascinate.

How to evaluate the potential of the space?

We analyze carefully trying to unfold the genius loci. In terms of tools we range from sketches, physical models, renderings all the way to simulations through real-time game engine technology anticipating the visitor experience.

How to create really significant events for the digital generation?

We deal with ever new issues and stories to tell – meandering between applied and cultural formats, physical and digital. Secret of success? We take our pleasures seriously - while interacting with great people. You can’t get it better than that!

Mercedes-Benz at the IAA 2015:

At the International Motor Show (IAA, 17-27 September 2015), Mercedes-Benz presents itself in an innovative live environment. For eleven days, the venerable domed architecture of Frankfurt Festhalle is transformed into a lively arena for the auto brand. At the centre of the overall production, visitors glide to a height of 13 metres on escalators that provide the first glimpses of the various theme spaces, and an overview of the show.

 Three exhibition levels with over 9,000 square metres of floor space surround the spacious, open central arena. They are accompanied by ’Silver Flow’, a large, dynamic sculpture composed of silver slats that segues seamlessly into the digital media area. From the galleries, visitors enjoy unexpected views of the innovative, 450m2 stage at the heart of the production. Here, moving cars, film footage, live images, music and presenters join forces in real-time to create an overall choreography.

 Vehicle movements are captured with a spidercam like the ones used for sports transmissions, then overlaid with augmented reality layers on media panels. A kinetic LED slatted ’curtain’ opens and closes to reveal glimpses of the vehicles in the current product portfolio, which await their stage appearances on a three-storey rack.

 The show enables visitors to dive into the future of automobiles, and turns them interactively into co-performers in a three-dimensional presentation. In the process, Mercedes-Benz converts this year’s IAA motto, ‘’Mobility Connects’, into a direct, immediate experience.

Exhibition space: 9,250 sqm
Stage: 1,970 sqm stage area
70 m stage width

Vehicles: 53 on the exhibition stage
17 on the ground floor
8 on the first floor
28 on the second floor
13 driving in the show
11 in the shelf

Media space stage in total: 4,519,456 pixel

Swing gates: 16 per 27sqm, rotable single-sided LED, single-sided silver-colored cloth in total 2,764,800 pixel

Scanner: 81 sqm, dividable and able to drive on in total 1,679,616 pixel
MiSTRIPS in vehicle shelf: 670 per 112 sqm in total 75,040 pixel
Silver Flow: length support pipe 145 lfm
length slats in total 2,025 lfm
amount of slats 423

Vehicle shelf: height 9 m, width 45,50 m
37 compartments
11 vehicles in shelf not driving
13 vehicles driving (stage show)
7 letters
1 drum set



Show: 43 min length
112 shows in 12 days

Construction phase: 63 days

Installed steal: about 1,000 tons

Cable: 235 km

Studio light: about 1,500 moving-head spotlights and LED lights about 3,000 conventional und LED recess mounted lights

Involved persons: about 1,500 people from 35 companies (architecture, communication, light, trade fair construction, booth staff)

Number of visitors: in total 931,700 visitors
per day about 71,670 visitors
per hour about 7,170 visitors

Amount leads: 4,473

Amount media contacts: about 1,2 billion

Amount social media contacts: more than 100 million


All-glass balustrade for maximum insight and view

Floor covering in all floor levels: laminate, back and white varnished surfaces, wooden look light

Wall: varnished wooden surfaces

Media stage:
scanner: Pixled F6 modules with a pixel pitch of 6 mm, swing gates MC-12, MiSTRIPS, stage planking black varnished wooden surfaces

Project partners

Client: Daimler AG, Stuttgart

Architecture: jangled nerves GmbH, Stuttgart

Lighting design: TLD Planungsgruppe GmbH, Esslingen

Booth construction: Display International, Würselen Communication, Show, Set Design, Exhibition and Media Design: Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt am Main

Show Design: Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt am Main with Monomango, Berlin 
Real-Time Tracking (Show): spidercam, Feistritz im Rosental


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