How to make 90,000 people become real fans of your brand in 4 days?!  

The largest and the most popular area at the exhibition for gamers

AGENCY: Redday


DATE: 1-4 OCTOBER 2015


In order to attract as much attention as possible the brief set forth the task of designing and constructing a Wargaming zone at the 2015 annual Gaming World exhibition. This included developing and implementing an activity programme for the 4 days of the exhibition. The key goal was to become the largest and most popular exhibition stand at the event. 


In order to break all the stereotypes and become unique, we designed the stand as a separate space within the exhibition hall. This would make it possible to conveniently execute prepared performances and an entertainment programme for the visitors. It was a non-stop programme from 10 am to 6 pm based on full interaction with the  audience: active games, contests, shows, and cyber-sport competitions. The multi-level stage with its huge, 16×4m concave LED screen as well as its  brutal, metal overall design refected the atmosphere of World of Tanks, the key product of the Customer. Another key feature was tall, cross-shaped columns across the area which represented antitank fortifications.   

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Gaming World is the largest annual exhibition of interactive entertainment. It lasts 4 days and has the capacity for 50,000 visitors a day. The Wargaming exhibition area was visited by 90,000 people, making it the most popular stand at the ehibition. 

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To measure the amount of visitors to the stand a special system of infrared sensors was installed at each of the 8 entrances to the area. 



International exhibition center Crocus City, Moscow


In order to create the look and texture of real metal, the structure had to be covered by several layers of decorative paint and a two-component clay. The mix was prepared experimentally. Many different types and colors of paint were mixed, then coated over the strucure to create the texture and relief.  

The 29 columns of 7 m high required a huge amount of hangers and complicated installation work. The key challenge was to lead the installation process for 84 hours, which was the time allotted for this by the organizers. This required a special plan of parallel, simultaneous work as well as the involvement of over 200 people.  


Total area of the stand: 1244 sqm

Height of the cross-shaped columns: 7.5 m

Size of screens: 60 sqm

Almost 100 fans could enjoy the games simultaneously 

1500 liters of paint and 15,000 meters of aluminum and steel were used for the construction

2160 hours of painting

84 hours of installation which involved over 200 workers 

30 eight-meter trucks were used to transport the stand from the production center

The online version had 370,000 views & over
200,000 comments on the official FB group of Wargaming.

68,000 hours – the overall contact time with the audience



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