FIAT 500X: The Power of X with Dynamo

Launch event in London’s Copper Box featured chart-topping bands & performers, experiential product activities and the most dramatic appearance of a car in history! 

AGENCY: Krow communications


DATE: 28th January 2015


To showcase the new Fiat 500X before people could test drive it.

To raise awareness & drive sign-ups/leads among potential customers. 



 “Urban Adventurers” — young, tech & media savvy couples looking to buy their first car - a narrowly-focused, broad group across all EMEA regions.


Since cars were invented, manufactures have been launching new brands with a tried and tested technique: an attractive model whips off an oversized table cloth to reveal billions worth of investment.  It was time for a change.  The 500x was a big development for the Fiat 500 family: 4 wheel drive, off road capabilities, 9 speed gearbox and a host of new technology fixtures.  

We needed to create a high impact activity with a broad reach and to run it simultaneously across 23 European countries & deliver the most important of results: test drives. 

 We needed to find a hook that would both attract attention & present the car spectacularly. Working with Dynamo, the world’s most watched magician, to create something unique, was the perfect way to achieve this. Our aim was to connect directly with the consumer through world-class entertainment. 

 We wanted a launch event that would do justice to this so we took Virtual Reality technology, an old-fashioned road show, and cutting edge social media and then deployed our secret weapon for the best unveiling ever…magic.



Launch event in London’s Copper Box featured chart-topping bands & performers, experiential product activities and the most dramatic appearance of a car in history! 


The Power of X Campaign was launched with a series of bespoken experiential events across 74 cities in 23 European countries, showcasing the car & our unique virtual reality experience. Consumers were even able to take the experience home through the combination of a cardboard headset & their own smartphone.

As well as the experiential events, a series of teaser films were created & distributed through Fiat & Dynamo’s channels to further raise awareness of the campaign & the launch event in London’s Copper Box.

The Power of X Campaign was a pan-European activity that allowed consumers to experience the Fiat 500X before the car had arrived in showrooms. To do so, an experience was developed that utilized Virtual Reality technology, which wasn’t available in the consumer marketplace at the time. Consumers were invited to take part in the Virtual Reality experience, allowing them to “see” the car and pique their interest. 


As well as this we combined the skills and technology of contributors from a number of sectors including magic, holographic technology, special effects, feature film and lighting to create a never before seen illusion for that climactic moment.


As well as the live event there was a 7 camera film crew capturing everything to go out via YouTube and Xbox Live. 


The event space was a venue built inside a venue to accentuate the feeling of walking into a fantastic, disorientating, magical environment for the attendees.



 1 million people have experienced the Virtual Reality activity across Europe

The teaser clip has received over 10.2m views with a reach of 240 million.

Over 4.7 million people have visited the Fiat 500X website upon its launch.

More than 1,300 people attended the invitation-only launch event at London’s Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The YouTube clip of the car unveiling illusion has had over 2.2million  views without seeding.

In the first weekend after the launch, 70,000 people visited dealerships, with 1,300 taking test drives in Italy alone.


“In terms of reach, reaction and KPI’s it has probably been FIAT’s most successful model launch ever.”

William Galimberti, International Marketing & Communication Manager, FIAT EMEA

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