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Sabine Loos, CEO of Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH (Since 1 August 2011), about one of the most popular business event in Europe

In her current position, Sabine Loos promotes tourism and culture in the region as a member of the management board of DORTMUNDtourismus and a participant of the shareholders’ meetings of Konzerthaus (Concert Hall) Dortmund GmbH and Ruhrgebiet Tourismus (Ruhr Region Tourism) GmbH. She also supports regional business in the General Assembly of the Ruhr Initiative Group (Initiativkreis Ruhr), the management board of the Dortmund Initiative Club (Initiative Dortmund), the expert committees of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the advisory boards of the Eastern Ruhr Regional Business Association (Unternehmensverband Östliches Ruhrgebiet), the Westphalian Initiative (Westfalen-Initiative), the Westphalian Industrial Club (Westfälischer Industrie-Klub), the Pro Ruhr Region (Pro Ruhrgebiet) Club and the Society of Friends of Dortmund University (Gesellschaft der Freunde der Uni Dortmund). 

About BOE

How did the idea of creating BOE come about? What is its main mission?

BOE already has a long history at different exhibition locations. It came to Dortmund as the host of the exhibition in 2010. We purchased BOE at the end of 2014 because we regard the exhibition industry as strong and relevant for the future. Experience Marketing is booming. We position ourselves as the leading German trade fair for this topic. In 2016, we expect about 400 exhibitors and 10,000 trade visitors during the two exhibition days.

Does BOE have competitors? How is this exhibition unique compared to other similar projects?

There are other exhibitions that cover some aspects of BOE. However, BEST OF EVENTS is leading as far as coverage of the entire range of topics of Experience Marketing is concerned. For 2016, we have again revised it and added further topics.  BOE now dedicates itself to the topics of Equipment, Architecture, Locations, Technology, Catering, Acts, Services and Career. It therefore covers the entire sector.  

Does the exhibition change from year to year? What are the main topics and trends you see for 2016?

The exhibition will offer lecture and discussion forums in all halls for the first time in 2016. That is new in terms of scope. The topic of sustainability of events will play a major role at the exhibition in 2016. Live campaigns are also trendy. Events are often the starting point and heart of marketing campaigns. We will also talk about that.

BOE’s principles 

What are the main principles, ideas and creative concepts of BOE? 

Networking plays a major role. Networking in the sector is the strength of the exhibition. For this purpose, we will offer a new online matchmaking tool from December onwards. It allows the establishment of business contacts between trade visitors and exhibitors in the run-up to the exhibition. Informal contacts are also promoted by the legendary BOE Night in the evening of the first exhibition day.

A further important concept module of BOE is the conveyance of specialist knowledge with added value for trade visitors. Last but not least, the exhibiting companies can also find new employees at the exhibition.

How are participants selected for BOE? What is taken into consideration when you select the exhibits?

All sector representatives are welcome. Our objective is to expand all aforementioned main areas of the exhibition, from equipment and technology to locations.   

Who is your audience? How does the administration of BOE work with the participants?

BOE is a meeting place for decision-makers from various industry sectors: the hotel and catering trade, insurance companies and banks, tourism, the automobile industry, public sectors, film/radio/TV, etc. It is of interest to all companies that negotiate and conclude contracts at events or hold such themselves. Industry representatives with interesting topics are welcome as speakers in our large number of forums. We are however already fully booked in all forums for 2016.

BOE’s point of view

 How do you see the development of the industry over the next few years? Is it possible to predict the future course of this business?

Experience Marketing will also play an important marketing role in the future because exhibitions, for example, continue to be extremely popular as a marketing instrument among decision-makers. And modern events offer previously unknown opportunities for networking via social media communication. It is also pleasing that the number of permanent employees in this sector has increased. The upward trend therefore continues in many respects.   

What is the strategic development plan for BOE?

We want to continuously improve BOE in terms of competence. We will also use the favourable position of Dortmund to attract the international sector even more to BOE. The Benelux countries, for example, are quite close by.  

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