Tom Eatenton - Looking to 2017

Tom Eatenton, owner and CEO of Kru Live, Kru Talent International and The Staffing Collective

Featured In Event Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the UK event Industry, Tom Eatenton is Owner and CEO of Kru Live, Kru Talent International and The Staffing Collective. 
Tom has worked in the brand experience and event industries for over 20 years and set-up Kru Live in 2005 to offer staffing and implementation services to sport and entertainment, experiential, event, advertising and PR agencies. Having become leaders in their field Kru Talent was then set-up to provide ‘theatre’ through entertainment and specialist acts. Tom also established The Staffing and Entertainment Collective, a group of like-minded specialist agencies in over 30 countries worldwide. In 2015 The Staffing Collective collaborated to deliver experiential activity for Salesforce on the U2 world tour and Keds on the Taylor Swift world Tour.

 Tom is also partner and advisor to the UK Actors Centre – developing employment opportunities for graduate actors in the events industry as well as the organisers committee for the European Sponsorship Awards. Tom’s belief is that ‘The Experience’ should flow through everything we do – whether that is the client journey, looking after one’s team or the delivery of an event or a live activity on site.

2017 has already been the busiest start to any year we’ve ever seen, so I’m very excited about the next 12 months. And I get the feeling, through conversations I’m having across the board, that more and more budget is being diverted to live and experiential, which is good news for everybody in our sector.

From a technical perspective, one of the things in particular that I think we’ll see in the coming year is a clarification of precisely the level of impact that live events have when


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