Qatar in Russia 2018

AGENCY: Ceremonies Staging Agency (CSA)


CUSTOMER: Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC)


DATE: 7-15 July, 2018




To introduce residents and guests of Russia to the state of Qatar and present the next FIFA World Cup in 2022, as part of the cross-culture exchange year of Russia — Qatar, announced by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the State of Qatar.



To develop and implement several spaces in Moscow (as well as St Petersburg and Doha) that meet the objective of immersing visitors into the atmosphere of the State of Qatar, acquaint them with the rich history and culture of the state and its role in world history of football, as well as demonstrating the spirit of progress and life with the benefit of advanced technologies in modern Qatar.

Achieved through development of a temporary multifunctional space that organically combined the traditional symbols and objects of the state, as well as a wide range of modern entertainment for visitors, including a football field and a traditional souk. Creation of a temporary floating multimedia cube to demonstrate projections on the outer and inner surfaces in the format of a multimedia museum. Installation of video portals connecting Moscow, St. Petersburg and Doha in real time. Setting up one of the largest exhibitions of unique football artefacts on the 1st line of historical GUM, with a flow of more than 750 thousand visitors.



Citizens and guests of Moscow, attending the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.


LOCATION: Gorky Park, GUM and central streets of Moscow; famous spots of St Petersburg; Doha city center.


In total, during the project, more than 3 million residents and guests of the capital met with the culture, heritage, history and art of Qatar. The State and its vision of the World Cup 2022 was covered in 11 television reports, 273 online publications and in all major social media.

3644 Social media publications with hashtag.


Technical data:

Construction phase: 1 month, Operations phase: 2 weeks

Number of subcontractors: 40

Number of visitors: over 3,000,000           

Amount of media contacts: 284 TV and online media outlets picked up the story           

Amount of social media contacts: 3,644 mentions with the hashtag


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