Julian Pullan - Looking to 2017

Julian Pullan, Vice Chairman & President International Jack Morton

Julian joined Jack Morton in 2002 as director of operations. He joined the Global Executive Team in 2009, became President, EMEA in 2011 and was appointed President, International in 2015. Today, Julian is Vice Chairman of Jack Morton Worldwide, stewarding the creative quality and output of the agency in addition to his continued leadership of the agency outside of the US. In his 30 years in the industry, Julian has led major communications campaigns and projects for most of the world’s leading brands. Julian remains a passionate creative at heart, winning many creative awards during his accomplished career. Teams under his leadership have earned over 500 awards, including well over 100 in just the last 2 years.

I have always been optimistic about the future of the live event industry, and I continue to be so for 2017, because no other form of communication has the quite the same impact as a live experience. Consumers are actively seeking out new experiences more than at any point in history, and brands know that they are living in what Joe Pine defined as the ‘Experience Economy’. The IPA Bellwether Report continues to track Events as one of the 2 best performing sub categories in marketing spend in the UK, alongside Online Marketing.

One reason for this is, undoubtedly, the quest by brands for greater purpose and authenticity; the key trend buzzwords at Cannes for the last couple of years. You can only demonstrate that authenticity and purpose through your deeds and actions. Words and promises aren’t enough. It’s all about how brands behave and what they do, as opposed to what they say. And that’s what our world is all about: brand experience.

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