Décrocher la Lune: The date of the sun with the moon


CUSTOMER: Décrocher la Lune ASBL


DATE: 26/09/2015 

AUDIENCE: 35 000 people 

LOCATION: La Louvière, Belgium


The goal was to make a show with people for people, and therefore help them to have a better image of their own city. 


“The sun has a date with the moon”.

Luc Petit, the artistic director of the show, wanted to build the show around Happiness by bringing the sun back to all citizens of La Louvière. The symbol of the city is Sancho, a giant puppet dressed as a coal miner whose mission was to bring back the moon in order for the sun to come back to the city. He had to make his friends smile again. 



One of the key elements of the show was the mobilization of the inhabitants of the city. Workshops were organized throughout a three year period to transform the citizens into proficient actors. In these three years, a great number of workshops were held in the cultural life around the city focusing on the sentence: “ I will”. With the help of professionals, some workshops were also created to train people to become stilt-walkers, acrobats, tight rope walkers. All those citizen were coached and helped in their tasks by professional artists. The show was also staged by professionals in the entertainment field, such as artists, technicians, performers. 

Mixing professionals and citizens gave birth to strong links between people and create long lasting memories. 

This edition was specifically shaped around a “European” feeling with a close collaboration among seven foreign cities, which made the giant puppets required for the show. 

One kilometer ‘stage’ was created in the center of the city. This led to some technical challenges in directing of the show as 8 and 12 performances were happening all along the stage simultaneously


In 2000, the authorities decided to call one of the most well-known show directors in the world, Franco Dragone, to make a popular free show for all the citizens. His company had just recently purchased an office building in La Louvière and so he jumped at the project and he create an urban opera called “Décrocher la Lune”, with the valuable assistance of Luc Petit who is now responsible for the artistic direction. Every three years, a “Décrocher la Lune” show takes place in La Louvière. The first show was held in 2000 and 15 years later, the sixth performance took place. Each show is unique and contains elements specific to the city and the region. Furthermore, each show not only moves a little bit forward in the creation process but also in the way it is produced. The challenges are bigger and bigger and the people are there to take them up. 

This show was a great success and won a silver award at the BEA festival last March. In addition to this, it also won, at the EUBEA Festival held in Saint Petersburg, October 2016, the gold trophy in the category of Best Cultural Event; gold for Best Opening Ceremony/Celebration; silver for the Best European Event and finally bronze in the category for the Best European Agency. Through these shows, people became more and more enthusiastic about this event and last year it attracted more than 35000 spectators. This, along with the national TV coverage, helped to make this event known throughout Belgium.


Décrocher la lune is also one of the biggest urban operas in the world. 

Client's feedback

This show was also extremely impressive in terms of innovations. We used video mapping to move the main squares into a specific set. We also used laser projections to make the visual effects bigger and more spectacular.


  • one kilometer stage
  • 5 days of setup
  • 200 technicans
  • 650 volunteers
  • 35 000 spectators


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