Bea World: Where Creativity Meets Business

Bea World Festival, November 15-18th, 2017, Porto

Between November 15th and 18th, 2017, Porto, which was nominated Best European destination of the year, will welcome Bea World – The International Festival of Events and Live Communication and the Awards Ceremony celebrating the winners of the Best Event Awards.

 The experience and prestige gained over the past 11 years by EuBea – the European Best Event Awards – decreed that time was right to take a decisive step and ensure that Bea World took the place of EuBea. Thus, starting from this year, companies from the event industry based anywhere across the world will contend for the renowned golden elephant awards in a new competition that promises to be the most challenging of all time!

 Projects will be judged by a Jury panel composed by top corporate event managers with international responsibility recognised for their achievements and coming from a representative range of sectors, plus members of event agencies’ associations who are partners of Bea World Festival. During the Festival, all shortlisted events will have the opportunity to be presented live to the corporate Jury who will grant all winners an indisputable international quality acknowl­edgement.

Where creativity meets business

Bea World will take on EuBea’s legacy to affirm itself as the essential meeting place and networking event for the international event community. Three inspiring days full of creativity, networking opportunities, knowledge transfer and destination experiences will culminate in the awards ceremony celebrating outstanding projects and the winners of the Best Event Awards.


Why Joining Bea World

Knowledge, networking and awareness are the key reasons why old and young professionals fromevents and connected disciplines will join the Festival, that will offer a rich and varied cultural programme. Bea World will indeed grant participants lots of opportunities to build relationships with peers and influencers, to learn from experts and industry leaders and to increase their brand awareness during engaging conferences, dynamic round tables and energetic technical workshops. All this granting delegates more business opportunities and career advantages.

Participants will have the chance to explore how humans interact with others in today’s connected world and what makes a brand live communication strategy successful. It will be as well possible to learn from the latest findings from communication and consumer behaviour, from the fields of neuroscience and behavioural psychology and from corporate case studies and experiential labs.

Thanks to the partnership with Apecate, the associ­ation of Portuguese events and tourism companies, this edition promises to be the best ever of a Festival vowed to develop the culture of live communication across the whole world. Join Bea World community – where creativity meets business!

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