The 10 millionth visitor of the Rijkmuseum


CUSTOMER: The Rijksmuseum


DATE: 1 & 2 June 2017



Tree years after its reopening, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam was due to receive its 10 millionth visitor. This would mark a unique milestone in the museum’s history, and had to be celebrated in a special way. The primary goal was to generate free publicity in an extremely cost-effective way, which would also confirm the brand promise as the ideal place where you can be surprised at every moment of the day. National attention was seen as a ‘must have’ and international attention as a ‘nice to have’.



Only one thing was really important: the surprise had to be real! The once in a lifetime opportunity (no one had ever spent the night sleeping and keeping watch in front of Rembrandt's “The Night Watch”) had to radiate the Rijksmuseum’s exclusive image as “the surprising place to be”. Sometimes a carefully devised creative idea, precisely directed in advance, completely gives way to coincidence. This turned out to be the case with our “ideal” candidate, whose relevant background and professed love of the arts made him the perfect visitor. It turned out that the man was a huge fan of Rembrandt, and who as a teacher enjoyed sharing his love of art with his students. A camera crew flawlessly recorded everything and this footage was used to create an edit that was touching and intriguing.


The event itself was focused on one particular visitor, as well as to thank and involve the employees. The content of the event had to attract the media, in order to have impact on a broad, contemporary (inter)national audience.


LOCATION: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



The “operation” was prepared with extreme precision. Every conceivable scenario was discussed in advance. The entire technical crew was on standby for two days, in order to be able to take action at the right moment. On "D Day", all of the museum staff gathered to discuss the production schedule before the museum opened. At 2:04 p.m. the unsuspecting visitor entered the museum. The doors swung open, after which more than a hundred employees welcomed the guest with a resounding applause. Totally bewildered, the guest walked to the museum’s Director who congratulates him. In a pre-recorded video, the Dutch Prime Minister explained his unique opportunity: a night underneath The Night Watch.


This event, based on a simple and very cost-effective idea, with an impeccable execution, resulted in an event that marked the momentum, created humongous impact, as well as relevant content for the (Rijksmuseum) brand. With more than 31.000.000 touch points for approximately 14.000 euro (the cost per single contact was less than 0.00045 eurocent) we can state that this production had a very high impact with a low budget.

Once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Participants's feedback


The event was featured in a wide range of national media, with 41 articles and an appearance in RTL Late Night. Internationally, it was the subject of 36 articles, from in the New York Times to The Huffington Post, The Observer and Le Parisien. And in 7 days 31.007.482 social followers were reached!

Amount of media contacts: Nationally 41 articles and an appearance in RTL Late Night. Internationally 36 articles.                  

Amount of social media contacts: In 7 days 31.007.482 social followers   

Photos: Olivier Middendorp


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