Take action or soon there will be no real animals to photograph

AGENCY: Idea created by Y&R Moscow, development & realization by Redday

CLIENT: IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

DATE: 30-31 JANUARY 2016



To create a 2 day exhibition and press conference which would convey the creative idea behind the social project, which is to inspire each and every participant and partner to feel and understand the problem from the inside and support the non-profit IFAW organization to achieve the desired results.



The world counts more than 20,000 endangered animal species and every hour 3 of them disappear from the face of the Earth. What if one day they would completely disappear?

In order to bring this problem into focus, we came up with the idea of a photo exhibition devoted to wildlife in one of Moscow’s art galleries. Visitors would enjoy the variety of wildlife photos and the natural world’s beauty. However at the end it would be disclosed that all the animals were never photographed nor were they even real. Those ‘photos’ were actually the masterpieces of photorealistic paintings. A special display masqueraded as a painting would show a looped making-of video. Using fast rewind we showed how the “picture” was actually painted by the artist and then conveyed a message:


1500 people, Young & Rubicam Moscow members, citizens of Moscow



In cooperation with partners at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and National Geographic Russia, we presented “Animals You Must See,” and challenged the gallery visitors to think about how there may not be animals to photograph one day, leaving it all up to our imagination, pen, and brush to reproduce beautiful imagery of wild animals.

The first floor featured large images. The second floor displayed a video of Belgian artist Carl Brenders, who detailed the exhibition concept. The third floor presented work in a format that allowed close examination, where the youngest visitors could even touch the exhibits.

The exhibition surprised and impressed the viewers. When they understood that what they took to be photographs on the first floor were in fact paintings by Brenders, an internationally recognized wildlife painter, they went back to explore more.


People left the exhibition having many things to think about.

LOCATION: Design factory Flacon, 3 entire floors of the ‘Cube’ building


On the second floor where the video part was shown, a personalized area was created. In order for every guest to intimately feel the problem the video was shown to small groups of guests, not more than 10-12 at a time. It initially was a challenge when it was understood that such an amazingly huge amount of guests would come to the exhibition. So one of the most important tasks was to organize them, make them feel really comfortable and persuade them to come back & review everything once again on the 1st floor in order to make sure that what they saw were not actually real photos, but painted illustrations.



  • Over 1500 people visited the exhibition
  • 481 photos in Instagram with the hashtag #дикаяперспектива
  • 10,000+ likes and “shares” on social networks




IFAW International is highly interested in applying the idea globally.


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