Why attend?

They say, live events are the most effective tool to expand business network, strengthen our professional skills and get inspiration. I thought so too. For the last year I’ve attended over 30 business events and exhibitions all over Europe, with different formats, different locations, different sizes and different approaches. Of course all organisers claim to be focused on the development of the industry and yourself as an event professional. They all promise inspiration and brand new ideas, which is a promise that they are not always able to fulfill. The event industry has become slightly tarnished with the far-reaching claims of the organisers, weighed against the reality of the delivery. Thoughts, ideas and messages that were once groundbreaking have now become outdated and are sometimes just an echo chamber for old thoughts and ideas endlessly repeated. Finding a really inspiring event has become a little like finding a needle in a haystack.  

And that is why I am so excited about the EuBea Festival. The EuBea Festival, which is now in its 11th edition has developed and grown and gone from strength to strength, serving both the industry professionals and the brands and companies that the industry work with.  New, different and exciting content from an education perspective, together with a celebration of the best work from across Europe makes it a very dynamic and engaging event, delivering just what the industry needs.

It is my wish that the industry sees the EuBea Festival as a start point rather than an end point, and continues to develop this path with more new and exciting formats, with unusual and inspirational speakers from outside of the event industry which really points the way to the future for live communications.  

Nadia Makova,
Founder Live Communication Group


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