About Live

Colleagues and friends, YOU ARE WITNESSING THE WORLD PREMIERE of the magazine FORMED UPON THE REQUEST OF THE YOUNG YET incredibly energetic industry OF LIVE COMMUNICATION.

The event industry is entering a new phase: from single events to complex multi-step campaigns. It is more than an event, it is more than a meeting, it is a new philosophy, an evolution of event management. Step forward. Step into the future. We have entered an era of self-consciousness. And it's time to investigate how the event industry is changing the world. LIVE magazine is designed for living and intelligent people. The kind of people currently creating the calendar of events bringing a new and exciting culture to the industry. Our aim is to tell the facts, to indicate angles, to introduce out-of-box solutions and to anticipate the most promising concepts for a new industry. The focus of our attention are events and people, creating a new inter-ethnic ideology of live сommunication. LIVE magazine is for those who want to be in the know. Do not stop!

Nadia Makova,