For #eventprofs
who care

What I really love about the live events industry is it's humanity.  The kind of humanity that gives real power. The power to actually change the world. The commercial aspect is also an integral part of the industry and this issue of LCM is dedicated to events as a business and it contains a lot of really effective and important solutions on how to get more out of what you're doing.  However I would like to talk more about the human aspect. Sometimes business is about stepping back and allowing the personal touch and human support to move to the forefront. Our industry differs a lot from all the others mainly because it's not that focused on business and relies a lot on emotions, feelings and personal connections. While working on this issue of LCM, we faced the problem of a sudden cancellation of an event that we supported as media partners. The event was set to be a real breakthrough in European business events for #eventprofs. We decided to take responsibility, to step in and create an alternative event for everyone who was planning to attend and was somehow connected to the cancelled conference. To save the date, the efforts, and the costs people spent and meet their expactations. I was really fascinated when we sent out the news and people started answering from different parts of the world, offering their help and support, cheering everybody up and praising our initiative. I was fascinated by how my partners and friends took the crazy thought of arranging an event in two weeks with no budget, without anything. But somehow in this industry it's possible. It's possible when your aim is well-intentioned and when you’re lucky enough to have as crazy people as yourself around. 

So I want to use this privilege of issuing a welcoming word as founder of this magazine to say a huge and sincere thank you to all of  you who supported our initiative and who made Live.Meeting actually happen. I strongly believe that the real power of live com is in people like you and I believe that it will only grow stronger every day. Thank you everyone, for being so involved and supportive. Thank you for your care!   


Best regards, Nadia Makova
General Producer Live Com Group