How creative are you?

At the GEF.FUTURE we had a special worskshop on self-development by one highly acclaimed business trainers and my good friend. Among other activites he offered us to “play” several business games, including The Marshmallow Challenge. The Marshmallow Challenge is a remarkably fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple yet profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity. The game is really exciting, you should try it! For 10 minutes you should build up a tower of noodles and one marshmallow. Despite the funny name and description, the game really is a big challenge, showing how hard teamwork is, especially when it combines creativity. Do you know who has been the most successful at facing this challenge? CEO of global corporations? No. Engineers? Again, no. Creative directors? Not at all. Not even architects. The answer is … kids. Kids under 7. Surprising? Probably yes, at first glance, but not if you look into it deeper. Children have something, which most of us lack in order to be more creative — freedom and courage. They are liberal and open, free from stereotypes, cliches, and prejudices. Their flight of fancy is not loaded, not bounded, and not regulated by anything.

For me personally creation is developing a piece of art, while creativity is the ability to find innovative ideas and offbeat solutions. Successful artists are born that way, they possess a gift or talent. However, becoming a creative person means just being able to look at things at an unusual angle, to see a little extra in ordinary things, to use your imagination to the max. I really don’t understand people who claim that they are “not creative”. Especially people working in the live com industry. They are simply lazy or need to choose another profession as creativity and out-of-box thinking are key skills for our industry. These skills can and should be developed by visiting relevant business events, meeting new people, listening to inspiring lectures, participating in worskops, studying best practices and of course reading LIVE magazine.

And last but certainly not least — never forget to keep your inner child alive, to save this precious ability to look at the world with eyes wide open, to stay hungry for new knowledge, ideas, and discoveries. This will guarantee your bright, successful future in the industry and will set you on your path to becoming a real master of special events.

Stay in future!
Read LIVE!

Nadia Makova
Founder, editor-in-chief