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Our first issue of 2016 is devoted to creativity & creation. We wanted to understand and define creativity in terms of creating events. That kind of creativity which gives birth to unique and successful projects. What does it mean to be creative and think originally? Who are the people who create trends and change the world around them?
On one hand, this issue could be accused of over-theorizing this topic. On the other hand, we understand that in actual practice there is theory. The theory of creating a model, searching for certain structural elements, or more precisely, integrating creative ideas and thoughts in modern space and conditions.

Tell me who you are” said Franco Dragone. He insists that everyone can be creative, unconventional, and unique. The question is how to “bring out” the uniqueness of people and direct and synthesize it to get a unique product. On the strength of the team Paul Gascoigne says “managing creative people is simply being able to hear them and, at maximum, giving them slight direction." A special mention in the “Portrait” section is George Tsypin. Perhaps our most surprising interview emerged almost by accident and became one of the strongest in this issue. Before our eyes he reveals to us the captivating drama between all forces in this realm — space, artists, and the audience. For the first time our magazine is showing the profession of art direction in the context of live communication.

And of course management should not be forgotten. Especially the management of creativity and the creative process. And here we can’t fail to mention Colja Dams and his story about the management of a global events agency. In our new section Research there is a conversation between Björn Wigforss and Stephen Gee concerning the main questions about the creative brief. Klara Hozinkova of SocialBakers talks about the creation of a unique creative events department and Sven Theobald shares the secrets of selecting contractors. Finally, Stefan Kozak gives details on how managers can “catch” creative ideas by carefully watching everyday life.

While creating this issue we realized one thing: creativity in events means creating links between things. This means turning one’s own experience into something new. Having the ability to notice things that no one else has noticed before. Being attentive and “openly aware”. And another thought, or perhaps even a theory — sometimes it is enough simply to open your eyes to see more. Sometimes you have to open your eyes to see yourself.

But how to implement these ideas and give them life after the event — this, with great pleasure and expectation, will be discussed in our next issue.

This issue was created by: NADIA MAKOVA, GENERAL PRODUCER OF LIVE COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE; Maria Kirillova, editor of Live magazine, Alexey Viguro, art director of Live magazine, Dave Ray, executive editor, Max Hagen, editor of the “Portrait” column, Ekaterina Yerina, editor of the “Art” column, Chris Pascone, editor of the “Live Research” column, Vera Palska, editor of the “Principle” column, Ekaterina Ivanova, editor of the “Inside” column, Ivan Galyatin, Head of the online version and our freelance authors: Oksana Olshevska, Anna Popova, Ekaterina Gorbacheva, Irina Kruzhilina, Alexey Butsaylo, Antonio Fammi, Wirgot Gans, Kate Nava.