When speaking about trends, it usually means speaking about a list of current tools that professionals use at their events. However, in this issue we will focus more on broader tendencies. How the industry is changing, what agencies and clients are looking for, and what developments we see for the nearest future. It is clear that the main area of such development lies in the digital field. This is pointed out by such leading agencies as Jack Morton and George P. Johnson10, along with the Philip Thomas, CEO of the Cannes Lions festival50. At the same time much is said about the history and evolution of the event.  «My team wants a story much more than the audience,» says Sakchin Bessette, creative director and co-founder of Moment Factory40, « Even if the audience doesn’t really get it, it helps us to make decisions and create a sense of continuity, evolution, and drama — it excites the emotions when you have a storyline. «We must all change», echoed David Wirtgen, DW Technical Design & Project Management18, «make the impossible possible, and make dreams come true.» «Customers need more than just a successful event,» say Client Directors from the biggest european agencies. «We have to surprise people,» repeats Timo Kiuru — Creative Director, Author of Experiential Creative Planning — How to plan a world-class event114.

And among all of these voices one can be heard above all: we are creating time. We are creating a space and want it to be memorable. The most important tool of all is making fantasy become a reality.

THIS ISSUE WAS CREATED BY: Nadia Makova, general producer of Live Communication Magazine; Maria Kirillova, editor of Live magazine, Alexey Viguro, art director of Live magazine, Dave Ray, executive editor, Max Hagen, editor of the “Portrait” column, Ekaterina Yerina, editor of the “Art” column, Chris Pascone, editor of the “Research” column, Vera Palska, editor of the “Principle” column, Ekaterina Ivanova, editor of the “Inside” column, Ivan Galyatin, Head of the online version and our freelance authors: Oksana Olshevska, Anna Popova, Alex Belyaev, Ekaterina Gorbacheva, Irina Kruzhilina, Alexey Butsaylo, Antonio Fammi, Wirgot Gans, Kate Nava.